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"All 4 U" (Official Music Video) [Feb. 18, 2022]

"Assurance (Freestyle)" Live Video Performance [Dec. 24, 2021]

Visit Tigerlily Baby's Beacon's Smartlink website! It is cohesive and organized!
Visit Tigerlily Baby's Beacon's Smartlink website! It is cohesive and organized!
Visit Tigerlily Baby's Beacon's Smartlink website! It is cohesive and organized!
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VEC ® manages Tigerlily Baby ®'s music and overall branding. You've entered Tigerlily Baby's profile EPK kit. Tigerlily Baby ® official website is coming soon. Read about her biography, the meaning behind her music artist name, social media stats and follow her on her social media accounts and music on streaming platforms. Tigerlily Baby ® will be releasing new singles and projects in 2021-2022.

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Victoria “Tigerlily Baby ®" — Washington, D.C./Maryland  native— is an R&B/Pop artist with multiple artistic capabilities: singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, influencer, activist and more. She adopted the name Tigerlily (but goes by Tigerlily Baby ®) as a symbol of her personality, spirituality and her love for the type of lily flower. With a unique sound dubbed “The New Renaissance” by peers, Tigerlily Baby ® is a stream of conscious artist that’s music is ambient, eclectic, and serene. Her music consists of Alternative R&B/Soul, Electro Soul fused with Pop, Trip-Hop and Electronica House.


Tigerlily Baby ® believes her music will touch people around the world and including the IBD community. 

One of her first song releases off her first project, “Vibrations” came about through the advice of her love ones to encourage to listen to her “Vibrations”.  Tigerlily Baby ® made an uplifting song that she considers to be a motivational prayer to never give up and to relax the mind, body and soul. When Tigerlily Baby ® faces adversity; for example with her Ulcerative Colitis, her artistry is the only conduit she has to share her life experiences. Using her platform as an artist, Tigerlily Baby ® has a story to tell. Her goal is to share her gift, music, to her community and the world as a medium to speak to the universe and inspire people.

If you believe in Tigerlily Baby ®'s music and art, continue to follow her journey stay and stay up to date with on her new music singles, future projects and entrepreneurship. 




Behind the Name

The tiger lily (lily tigrinum) is a flower native to Asia that symbolize strength, power, wealth and pride, similar to Tigerlily Baby’s aura. For uniqueness, Tigerlily added 'Baby' after her music artist name because the deceased Princess R&B Icon, Aaliyah's musical peers called her 'babygirl' as her nickname. 

Tigerlily Baby looks up to Aaliyah as one of her  musical influences and inspirations. The tiger lily orange flower with black freckles blooms best in the late spring and summer. The tiger lily is an Asian species of lily, native to China, Japan, Korea, and the Russian Far East (Wikipedia). 

The tiger lily flower embodies Tigerlily Baby characteristics. For instance, her favorite colors are warm hues (yellow, orange, and red) and favorite seasons are spring and summer. Her essence (mind, body, and soul) functions best in warm climates. ✨


Tigerlily Baby ® (Victoria) believes flowers are as imperfect as human beings but still beautiful and creative. Flowers can be bittersweet—withering sourly or blossoming sweetly. If flowers need energy, they can open to receive sunlight. If flowers need water, they can reach deep within their roots to pull it up. And if flowers are near death, they can come alive to bloom again. 

Their internal and external qualities contribute to their beauty. Human beings are not perfect and experience trials and tribulations to learn and grow from their mistakes and reach enlightenment. This is how Tigerlily Baby ® (Victoria) describes her life journey and her philosophy for overcoming obstacles. 

And lastly, the tiger lily flower also symbolize pride, wealth, passionate love, devotion, prosperity romance and friendship — tiger lily has a positive connotation which is confidence – and not vanity or arrogance. Nobility is also often associated with tiger lily and this is the reason why this flower is also a symbol of wealth.


Discography +

Summer Breeze - Single [2013]

Enlighten Me Project [2017]

To Heaven - Single [2017]

(Enlighten Me)

Vibrations - Single  [2015]

(Enlighten Me)

Stop Fooling With Me - Single  [2015]

(Enlighten Me)


Tigerlily Baby ® first project 'Enlighten Me', speaks on spiritual connection, relationships, life experiences, love and living life to the fullest. The name of the project came from her popular hit, "Vibrations". Tigerlily Baby named her first project 'Enlighten Me' to share her knowledge, inspiration and life journey to the world through song poems. Tigerlily Baby 's goal is to continue to work on music, entrepreneurship and video content.



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