VEC ® previous and present clients:


Why VEC Photography?

Photography Services:

  • Events Photography
  • Portraiture  Photography
  • Architeture Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Branding /Marketing Photography
  • Documentary Photography

With these focuses, each category have various services  to meet our client niche & needs.

How We Do It?

The company has years of experience and proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, , BlackMagic, FInal Cut Pro, Capture One, you name it. We uses Nikon, Sony, Leica and Canon equipment to Final Cut Pro & more for video editing purposes and advertsing.


VEC ® is good at creating a sequence/theme in photography, simple details but strong unique composition in the company's photography work. The Owner, CEO & Creative Director of VEC ® foundation of building the company started with photography. Victoria E. Colbert years of experience captures the most special moments of people’s lives and the beauty of nature frame by frame with beautiful intentions, composition and lighting techniques. The company’s photography style and overall goal is to use to show creativity in a different light and can perform every task that is received. The owner of VEC ®, contributor photographers  & videographers of the company  has years of experience with photography where we make your business look look professional with our high tech commerical and editorial style. 

VEC ® experimenting with new techniques, the company is equally comfortable with analog and digital technologies, and use both according to the needs of the project.

Contributor Opportunties?

VEC ® is looking for contributors photographers and videographers to our company to work with our clients. You will be working with VEC® for upcoming projects if needed. 

Head over to our Contact + page to fill out our form with your contact information, creative profession and samples of your work. Once you are in our database, you will be contacted directly on a project if you fit the criteria. Subscribe to our emailing list for project opportunities and more.

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